Thursday, 14 August 2014

Great British Bake Off

I love bake off! Its such a great show and although I was a later adopter (I only started watching last season) its now a staple in my planner. I haven't been baking as much recently so I have decided to test myself this year by making every one of the shows "technical challenges".


Week One - Cherry Cake


A Mary Berry classic recipe that is seemingly easy but getting the cherries to suspend in the cake can prove tough. They can sink to the bottom of the cake or, as was the case with one contestant, chopped too small can completely disappear!


I gathered all the ingredients

Off I went - Unfortunately my Bundt tin was a bit too big so I had a very thin cake and it cooked quicker than expected. This also meant it was a little dry but I was happy with the result and it was certainly gobbled up by friends!


Next week Florentines!

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