Tuesday, 19 August 2014

GBBO - Florentines

Ill have to be honest and say that Florentines aren't something I would usually think of making. Firstly they look very fiddly and secondly they contain mixed peel and I am not really a huge fan, but in the spirit of following the technical challenges I set out to make these little biscuits

First of all I melted the butter with the Demerara sugar and golden syrup

Then chopped the nuts and measured out the peel and the cranberries

Then (painstakingly) weighted out every individual one to make sure that there were 18 individual biscuits
Then baked until golden brown

While cooling I melted the dark chocolate

Then Ben and I slathered the choc on the top

All in all I think I did ok. They are not as difficult to make as I thought and look really quite impressive so I am pretty pleased with them. I have even made another batch to take to a dinner party tonight as it looks like a nice thing to take along with wine. I think they may become a regular bake in our house!
Next week I think its Croissants, although not yet confirmed.
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Monday, 18 August 2014

Foodie Penpals July

This is hands down one of the best parcels I have received - it was fantastic! It was from Christine at http://diaryofadashingfashionista.com/

First of all was a big afternoon in kit, I have never seen anything like this before but it contains all different spice blends to make an entire barbeque!
Things like hot wings spice, things to add to potato salad, even an ice tea mix! It comes with a menu and a shopping list to have the perfect party for 8. Wait for a blog post later in the month where I shall be testing out the kit
Secondly there was this very cute little bag "eat me" I love Alice in Wonderland so have stolen this idea for a themed party in the future! I wont tell you what was inside in case you get invited :-)

Finally 3 tea pigs teas. We are definitely a tea household, I think on the last count Ben had about 10 different types of breakfast tea that he alternates so these cute little boxes were gratefully received. I have tried the crème caramel rooibos and it was delicious, I am looking forward to trying the rest.

Thank you so much Christine for a wonderful wonderful parcel!

Thursday, 14 August 2014

Great British Bake Off

I love bake off! Its such a great show and although I was a later adopter (I only started watching last season) its now a staple in my planner. I haven't been baking as much recently so I have decided to test myself this year by making every one of the shows "technical challenges".


Week One - Cherry Cake


A Mary Berry classic recipe that is seemingly easy but getting the cherries to suspend in the cake can prove tough. They can sink to the bottom of the cake or, as was the case with one contestant, chopped too small can completely disappear!


I gathered all the ingredients

Off I went - Unfortunately my Bundt tin was a bit too big so I had a very thin cake and it cooked quicker than expected. This also meant it was a little dry but I was happy with the result and it was certainly gobbled up by friends!


Next week Florentines!

Thursday, 20 February 2014


So it’s been a while since I have blogged! I guess life has got in the way a bit recently but I am now determined to get back on it and have a lot more posts in 2014!

One that I have been meaning to write for a while is about a restaurant in Spain that we go to. In fact Ben insists that we go – every time! My Parents love it, my Bestie loves it, and everyone loves it! The service is impeccable, the people are lovely and the food is amazing. Ill do this review on the “Menu Del Dia” which, translated, is the day menu and a set menu provided every day. It’s a cheaper way of eating there as works out about fifty euros including wine! So here goes…

The Amuse Bouche

Today’s was a tiny chicken leg in a very fragrant BBQ Sauce with fresh Rosemary

 Tasted divine – would definitely order this as a course!

The offered a choice of starters, I went for the salad
Ben went for the calamari served with a special paste – he said it was really good, crisp, light and the paste complimented it greatly

Then the palate cleanser – Sorbet, very refreshing – Mint flavour which I had not tried before

For main I opted for the Duck – this was stunning crisp on the outside and rich and meaty inside! Perfection! Served with lovely seasoned Potatoes and fresh veg.

Ben opted for the Lamb which he said was beautiful, it certainly looked it!

Finally dessert – although we were stuffed we managed a little bite of Crème Catalan or Crème Brulee – perfect ending to an amazing meal.

Miguel (the owner) then sent us over a glass of “43” – Sublime! If you are ever in the vicinity you have to pop in, such a lovely restaurant! Blog to follow on the A La Carte Menu! KX