Tuesday, 19 August 2014

GBBO - Florentines

Ill have to be honest and say that Florentines aren't something I would usually think of making. Firstly they look very fiddly and secondly they contain mixed peel and I am not really a huge fan, but in the spirit of following the technical challenges I set out to make these little biscuits

First of all I melted the butter with the Demerara sugar and golden syrup

Then chopped the nuts and measured out the peel and the cranberries

Then (painstakingly) weighted out every individual one to make sure that there were 18 individual biscuits
Then baked until golden brown

While cooling I melted the dark chocolate

Then Ben and I slathered the choc on the top

All in all I think I did ok. They are not as difficult to make as I thought and look really quite impressive so I am pretty pleased with them. I have even made another batch to take to a dinner party tonight as it looks like a nice thing to take along with wine. I think they may become a regular bake in our house!
Next week I think its Croissants, although not yet confirmed.
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