Wednesday, 9 October 2013

September Reveal Day :-)

A bit late as the parcel was delayed from Lithania but we received a lovely packet of goodies from Valerija. I was at work so Ben opened it and quickly sent me pics. So this is our haul!

Firstly some scrummy looking chocolates! They are white chocolate with nuts on, Ben somehow managed not to dive straight into these (I have no idea how!) But we did have some when he got in from work last night with a cup of hot chocolate.

Next was some tomato and cheese pasta. I think it’s a bit like a pasta and sauce thing that we have here so looking forward to trying that as a quick supper

Then there was a salad dressing spray – what a brilliant idea! It combines oil and vinegar in a bottled spray – looking forward to trying this out!

The rock salt and sea salt combo in a jar was intriguing and as I was making roasted new potatoes last night I combined some of this with some Rosemary from the garden and made some yummy potatoes! Will definitely get a lot of use out of this.

Finally was (what I think) is dried chillis – I have asked Valerija to confirm – but look really exciting to try. Thank you so much Valerija for a lovely Parcel! 

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