Thursday, 31 October 2013

Foodie Penpals - October Reveal Day!

I was so excited for this month after last months went a little askew! I was paired with Tracy from her blog “It’s not easy being Greedy” (brilliant blog – go check it out and see what she thought of what I sent her) this is what I sent her – I think she liked it.

Tracy's Blog

Claire from Claireys Fairy Cooking was given the task of sending to me. I’m sure this isn’t easy as we give them the advice – we are happy with anything! Claire sent the most wonderful Parcel in an autumn theme all wrapped in lovely tissue paper J

Inside was a mixture of treats

There was as follows

-         Hot Chocolate – 3 Different Types, 2 Special Options and one melty one. I loved the options ones where there were different toppings but Ben’s Favourite was the melty one – I am sure that is because of the Fudge – He loves it!
-         Crasins – Cranberries soaked in Pomegranate juice – so scrummy and lovely on my cereal in the morning
-         Roast Potato seasoning – Claire said she was introduced to this by a Penpal and loved it – I have yet to try it yet but I cant wait looks lovely
-         Raspberry and Rhubarb Jam – going to use this to make some jammy cup cakes and Claire also provided some Halloween themed cup cake cases for me too!
-         Mini Chutney and Jam – really unusual flavours, looking forward to trying these out when I make ham and maybe the Jam with some more Cupcakes
-         Chestnuts – Had to be, she said, in an Autumn parcel, this is great from me as I have a lovely Jamie recipe for pie with chestnuts in the pastry – so going to be having that again soo
-         2 Fruit Shots from Whitworths – I haven’t seen these before and they look lovely – think they may become a regular in my shop!
-         Finally (seriously was a HUGE parcel!) some Chocolate

Thank you so much Claire for a lovely lovely Parcel!

P.S. Happy Halloween Everyone!


  1. Mmm that hot chocolate sounds delicious! What a great box!

  2. Glad you liked it!! I had great fun getting the stuff for you!